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Renforsin Ranta business park - the best location for your business to grow

Renforsin Ranta is a business park in Kajaani, which has been set up on the former premises of UPM´s Kajaani mill. Named after Herman Renfors, an all-round industrial baron once active in Kajaani, the region offers fertile ground for growth to companies in all sectors, thanks to solid regional cooperation, UPM´s support and a versatile, complete infrastructure.


"From Renforsin Ranta, we sought versatile facilities, and also skilled and committed workforce."

Ritva Heikura, head of operations, SOK:n palvelukeskus

"In addition to the rental price it was important for us to find an appropriate facility that operates afficiently as a whole, right down to the smallest detail."

Markku Laatikainen, Valtavalo

"Kajaani's Renforsin Ranta was selected to be the location for the plant due to its access to raw materials and because of the business park's energy ecosystem."

Patrick Pitkänen, St1 Biofuels Oy

"The business park's versatile energy ecosystem enables us to operate modern and competitive laundry services."

Terhi Tuomainen, Pohjolan Tekstiilipalvelu

"It was natural for us to locate in close proximity to our largest customer, Kainuun Voima. There are also several other partners for us in the business park area."

Henna Karlsson, Prometec

"Renforsin Ranta is one of the most exceptional energy-intensive areas in Finland. There is significant and reliable electricity generation capacity here, which is particularly important to a datacenter."

Jani Moilanen, CEO, Herman IT