Services in the business park


The Renforsin Ranta business park is guarded.


The park’s own corporate network enables flexible use of online services for companies in the area.


The business park provides companies with basic postal services, which are a viable alternative for low mail volumes. Companies wishing to use the service can rent a mailbox in the lobby of the Portti building. Incoming mail is delivered to this box. Outgoing mail can be left in the box at the Info desk.


The restaurant in the Portti building just outside the park fence offers workplace catering services and catering for meetings on weekdays. For more information, see:


There is plenty of parking space available at the park. Your company can reserve as many parking spaces as it wishes. Heated parking spaces are subject to a fee. Parking inside the fence is limited due to lack of space.


The business park takes care of the cleaning of public spaces (lobby areas, stairwells, public lifts, social facilities). Every company is responsible for cleaning its own premises. A local cleaning company operates in the park.

Waste management

The business park handles waste management in the area. Waste disposal points are located conveniently for all companies. The waste management service does not include hazardous waste.

Lobby service

The Renforsin Ranta Info desk is located in the lower lobby of the Portti building. The Info desk offers, among other things, directions and access control and permit management services. The Info desk is open on weekdays from 6.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Telephone +358 400 933 394 (24 h).

Summer and winter maintenance of outdoor areas

Renforsin Ranta takes care of the maintenance of the business park’s outdoor areas all year round.

Commodity services

In addition to the above, the business park offers companies in the area a wide range of commodities (electricity, raw water, steam, etc.) at competitive prices.

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Salla Ventonen
Service Manager
+358 40 523 8013

Jukka Ålander
Property Manager
+358 40 8350 518

Timo Heiskanen
Director of Real Estate
+358 50 414 4827

Renforsin Ranta
Tehdaskatu 15 P 1
87100 Kajaani, Finland

Info desk
Access control tags, vehicle permits, directions.

Info desk tel. +358 400 933 394 (24 h)

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